Are you really looking forward to traveling out of state for those depositions? We are in the throes of the holiday season, and the airports are crowded with travelers going places for the holidays. If you live where it is cold, you certainly do not want to leave the comforts of your warm office. Well you don’t have to. Or if you do, come to our conference room suites for your out-of-state depositions.

As technology evolves, it is becoming easier and easier to depose a witness via video or web conferencing. Although many attorneys still rely on the traditional live witness testimony, many are starting to realize the benefits of remote or computer-based conferencing.

This technology allows attorneys from any location to conduct depositions, witness preparation, meetings, consulting, and much more. Video and web conferencing eliminate the need for setting up travel arrangements, the costs associated with travel, and the time spent away from home. Video and Web conferencing offers the convenience of taking the deposition right from your office or from our conference room suites.

Our Conference Room Suites

If video or web conferencing is not needed, we can still assist you with a conference room suite. We have rooms available for depositions, arbitrations, trials, training and more. Jensen can be your neutral location or your overflow conference room. If you are a suburban attorney and you need to conduct depositions in the city, schedule with us!