Creative Services

Jensen Litigation Solutions - Creative Services iPad

A visual presentation of almost any information will enhance comprehension, retention, and belief. There are several means by which this can be done in a legal setting: with video and still photography, animation, and to-scale modular constructions.

Use of creative presentation materials in litigation is about more than just bells and whistles. It is a sign that you have a serious case. It sends a message to all involved that you know what you are doing and you know how to communicate.

The tools at your disposal through Jensen Litigation Solutions:

  • Day-in-the-Life – Show the court how much a person’s life was affected by an accident or negligent error.
  • Settlement Brochures – Lay out your case for a financial settlement based on clear, visual facts.
  • Animation – Sometimes the mind can only go where an artist is able to take it. Animation can be the best method for accomplishing that.
  • Scale Models – In other scenarios, three dimensions are the best means to visit and comprehend a situation. The multiple perspectives of scale models allow attorneys to definitively establish what happened and how.

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