Using Video Depositions

Who can argue the power of video versus written media? We can see the power of video with websites such as YouTube or Vimeo. After all, look at the Gangnam Style phenomenon which, because of the YouTube video, was able to reach a billion views. Young jurors these days don’t know what it is like not to be connected to their cell phone, tablet or computer. Isn’t that reason enough to use video in your case? Video depositions are much more likely to keep a jury’s attention as opposed to just reading the testimony into the record.

Did you know that JLS offers high-quality field and exhibit photography?

Automobile damage, property damage, bodily injury, site inspection, aerial photography, product photography…you name it!

Jensen Litigation Solutions offers high-quality field and exhibit photography which is an excellent addition to your trial presentation. With JLS’ high-quality photography, you can expect to receive digital photos via USB flash drive, data disc, or even same-day digital download, color corrected to accurately match the subject’s color and appearance.


Jensen Litigation Solutions

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Litigation support services should not be approached piecemeal. The most effective means to prepare for trial, select a jury and make a convincing case before a judge is to work with a single set of skilled professionals who share your goal: To win in court.

Jensen Litigation Solutions – JLS – is a full-service presentations and consulting firm that powers your case with a full suite of litigation support services. Our trial presentation consultants help you identify strategies and appropriate jurors. With coordinated JLS video capabilities, you can take depositions, record offsite evidence, and create effective videographic and 3-D animation presentations. In addition to legal video, many law firms use our video conferencing services to reduce travel time and costs or communicate with parties that are unable to travel.

True to our heritage – since 1986 – Jensen’s deep bench of court reporters are the best in the business: Highly skilled, certified by the National Court Reporters Association, adherent to the NCRA Code of Professional Ethics, and experienced on high profile cases.